Wednesday, August 26, 2009

LogoYes, logo no

The foundation of most successful brands or identities is the logo. Pepsi recently worked with the Arnell group to update theirs. The soft drink maker dedicated millions of dollars to their rebranding. Who knew they could have saved all that trouble by visiting LogoYes, a Flash driven Web site that lets you design your very own logo.

On the surface LogoYes allows small business owners to create their own mark using typefaces most graphic designers would use. It also provides the logo in a format commercial print companies will approve - often a problem for do-it-yourself designers. Plus, LogoYes navigates easily and will even create stationary featuring your logo, for an extra fee of course.

The problem is any other Joe Shmoe could end up creating a logo with the same generic arrow symbol that you've dedicated your identity to. No thanks.

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