Tuesday, July 28, 2009

So long exploding volcanos

The Church of Scientology seems to be shedding volcano graphics. A series of new one-minute commercials recently released by the church are well-directed, if not overly theatrical, but they seem almost as deceiving as the street-side stress tests they offer.

These ads speak universally and feature stunning, affectuous imagery. “It’s chaos and harmony. It’s water balloon fights and words you can’t take back.” The voice-over scrolls through a long list of anything and everything you didn’t realize is, apparently, Scientology.

It's even paperclips. Who knew?

A previous Dianetics ad spot:

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  1. In case people don't know, the volcano is part of their belief in the space alien Xenu who brought frozen beings here 74 million years ago, put them around volcanoes and then blew up the volcanoes with hydrogen bombs. Scientologists always get real vague if you ask them why they use that volcano as a symbol, but now so many people know the space alien story that they probably want avoid the volcano.