Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Mad Men Yourself with the help of AMC

No need to be a Madison Avenue advertising executive from half a century ago to be a Mad Men.

With the help of the American Movie Classics Web site any Joe or Sally can picture themselves as a Mad Men.

Even me.

After the page loads the start of the four step process asks suit or skirt? Obvious answer.

It takes about five minutes to create. Choose skin color. Body type. Head, then hair color. Eyes and eyebrows.Next is the nose. Then mouth and facial hair. Finish up with the clothes and then some extras. I went with a newspaper and coffee mug, apt.

Some of the options seemed a little tough to choose but manageable. This is an interesting marketing technique. The Simpsons successfully launched a similar strategy for the launch of a movie a couple years ago.

Just another way marketing is making a digital impact.

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