Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tailgate tested too soon

When you think of bad taste think Bud Light.

In an obvious caricature of the late television pitchman Billy Mays, Budweiser rolled out a new Bud Light campaign featuring a pitchman - a twist of what seems to be Mays' and Vince Shlomi, best known for his Sham-Wow ads.

At one point the curly-haired pitchman, Jimmy Football, who shouts the entire time a la Mays, says "KAPOW!" as cheesy Bat Man style graphics flash across the screen.

The Tailgate Approved Web site even has an "as seen on TV" logo plastered across the top.

The ads are in poor taste but that always makes me think of Bud Light anyway.


  1. Puleeeeze! Those Bud Light Ads are funny as hell.

    KMA Billy Mays.
    (The "K" is for kiss;)

  2. You are waaay to sensitive about this. It's not a spoof on Billy Mays specifically, its a spook of As Seen On TV. Billy Mays was not the only person to hawk items in a cheesy pitchman style. And if you think he was the only won to do it in a blue shirt, you're also wrong. This is just harmless fun.

  3. These commercials were made before he died! I know cause I worked on them.

  4. How cute is the dog though!???