Friday, January 15, 2010

Arby's coupons and the real deal

Arby's is marketing their new $5.01 combos with tray-liner coupons that are a bit stupefying. The liner includes five coupons that entitle you to one cent off any of their five new combos that are "worth every penny."

Really, Arby's? A one-cent coupon?

Oh we get it. The combos are such a great value that we don't really need the coupon.

Here is a tip for next time you're craving a real deal on curly-fries and roast-beef: whenever you make a purchase at Arby's your receipt doubles as a coupon for a free regular roast-beef sandwich. Just complete the brief online survey promoted on the back of your receipt to obtain a code for your free sandwich.

Arby's new dollar menu makes this deal especially sweet!

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