Friday, December 11, 2009

New dollar deal at Burger King

Here is a gift for all those Facebook "friends."

The pro's of promotion have done it again. The latest flame-broiled marketing campaign from Burger King offers something for that not-so special someone on your holiday gift giving list. This brain child of Burger King marketing brilliance is the $1 holiday card. There are 20 different holiday cards for those not so close friends.

Here is how it works: for a $1 Burger King will send a brand new $1 bill inside one of 20 "cheeky" holiday cards. Select a card, put in a date and address and that is it. Burger King will do the rest. The idea is that the $1 gift will be used on the purchase of a 1/4 pound double cheeseburger.

"Everyone is taking a closer look at their gift list this holiday season, yet no one really wants to cut back - and we don't think they should have to," Brian Gies, vice president, marketing impact, Burger King Corp. said in a press release.

There is a sliding scale to evaluate which card to send from "casual friend" to "virtual stranger." The cards have sayings like:

"I like you just enough to feel badly for not inviting you to my Christmas party."

"I think you're special... though I have no evidence to back that up."

"It's the least I could do for the holidays. The very least."

"It's nearly impossible to put a dollar value on our friendship - but I did it."

"Happy holidays valued blog follower."

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