Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Just for Men's 'daddy's girls' ad campaign just creepy

So the Hallmark After School Special music lightly lilts in the background as two young girls approach daddy, who sits holding a newspaper in front of his face.

"You would be a really nice catch for somebody," the daughters say.

Why these young girls are so interested in their father's love life is beyond me. Even more strange is the cell phone picture daddy sends the girls when he is on a date.

More than half of all marriages end in divorce. I guess this is the 21st century family dynamic? And a growing demographic for advertisers?

Another one of the Just for Men ads features daddy and daughter in the bedroom. She is helping him tie a tie. She mentions he might want to color before the job interview. Seems strange. Why does dad need help with the tie?

These ads seem to mimic a single parent household reality. The ads also showcase the grim reality of the economy and the idea that appearing younger will give an edge for a job.
But these ads seem more questionable than wholesome.

Dad gets home from the interview. Waiting inside is daughter.

"Guess I am going to need more ties."

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