Friday, May 8, 2009

Oprah and the free chicken fraud

Starving and cheap I decided to ride up to the nearby Kentucky FRIED Chicken to cash in one of the "Oprah" coupons that offer two pieces (manager's choice) of grilled chicken, two sides and a biscuit, all for free.

What a great deal.

In fact I used a coupon and successfully enjoyed the meal deal just two days prior.

I guess Oprah, or Kentucky Fried Chicken underestimated the power of free chicken.

After waiting 10 minutes in the drive thru, a sign at the order speaker said "Oprah" coupons accepted inside only.

Thankfully the car behind me let me reverse and I pulled into a parking spot. Hungry and a little ticked off I enter what appears to be the dirtiest fast food "dining room" I have ever seen. Greasy floors. Trash everywhere. It looked even more disheveled behind the counter. I felt like I entered some sort of dirty food line in communist Russia.

I step up to order, noticing that there is plenty of fried chicken behind one glass window and there is a greasy tray in the window next to it - clearly empty.

Next to the order bar were two people filling out some paperwork:

"Dear valued customer,

Due to the overwhelming demand for our FREE Kentucky Grilled Chicken meal, we're unable to offer it to you today."

The coupon goes on to say that the company will honor the coupon, just send it to them with the form. Richard Eaton, president of KFC, hopes you will accept the "rain check." To sweeten the deal he also will throw in a free Pepsi.

Anyway, back to the nearby store. The manager or whoever the guy was behind the counter gave me a form and said I could fill it out there, or take it home, and send it in myself. I chose the latter. I could not handle being in that filthy place, especially without the prospect of free chicken.

He asked if there was anything else I wanted. I quizzically looked at him, wondering, "is it going to be free?"

I should have pulled out the other coupon I had for one free piece of chicken that came in the Parade magazine the other week.

When I first took KFC up on their offer I knew it would end badly. It seemed like the independent restaurants were not aware of the huge coupon drop. Obviously there would be a run on the chicken if managers did not know to order extra to take care of the freebies.

Oh well. I just left wondering about the warzone I was in. I think there was a movie about this?

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